Why Work with Green Key?

  • ✔ Training supports achievement of company and department goals.

  • ✔ Course content and materials built to enrich learning of each specific group.

  • ✔ Interactive, innovative and result-oriented.


    Leadership is an art unique to each individual in response to changing internal and external circumstances. Your leaders can make or break performance. Effective leadership nurtures and inspires individuals and teams to achieve extraordinary levels of performance.


    Courses included:

    • Teamwork & team development
    • Problem solving & decision making
    • Influencing others
    • Motivation
    • Giving and receiving feedback
    • Self leadership
    • Effective communication
    • Cross cultural communication
    • Conflict management
    • Working in remote teams
    • Working with and managing change
    • Productivity and wellbeing

    Employees who are well and full of vitality, give more. They operate on top performance to achieve greater productivity, while experiencing limited sickness and absenteeism resulting in greater profitability for your organisation.


    Courses included:

    • Immune health in the work place
    • The impact of menopause on performance
    • Maximising energy
    • Building resilience
    • Productivity and wellbeing
    • Creating work-life integration
  • Communication Skills

    The ability to listen, to respond with emotional intelligence by speaking with confidence, sensitivity and assertion are critical to building strong and positive relations. Communication is the foundation of effective leadership, dynamic and successful teams and positive customer experiences.


    Courses included:

    • Assertiveness
    • Presenting with confidence
    • Dealing with difficult situations
    • Saying no confidently
    • Effective listening
    • Managing conflict
    • Giving and receiving feedback
    • Business writing in a global environment
    • Cross cultural communication
  • Customer Excellence

    Loyal customers are essential to the longevity of any business. Customer excellence is dependent on empowered employees who are confident, skilled and enthusiastic with the desire to embrace and positively enhance every customer interaction and build loyalty.



    Courses included:

    • Effective listening
    • Speaking clearly to be understood
    • Handling difficult situations and difficult people
    • Business writing in a global environment
    • Communicating with empathy
    • Building and maintaining customer loyalty
    • Assertive communication
    • Customer focused communication

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The client is an SME company with up to £5 million turnover with eight team members including the founder and CEO. The company’s business is digital marketing and outsourced sales for lead generation for B2B and B2C companies. Originally Green Key was contacted prior to the pandemic to help address teamwork through training, the project was postponed until the end of the pandemic and at that point thirty percent of the team had changed, as had some of the goals for the training.

Working in a Virtual Support Centre

Recently I conducted several remote courses on Customer Excellence and Working in a Cross Cultural Environment with approximately 8-12 participants in each group. This case is about my own challenges working remotely through a digital platform, as well as providing feedback of the experience from some of the participants that I hope is useful to anyone who is embarking on the same challenge and is looking for some guidance.

I'm Severing Relationships With You!

This case revolves around the process for making a remote team member redundant. In this case, Green Key was not part of the process, just the observer, however the way that this person was made redundant, made me sit up and listen and to feel with empathy at the reaction to the loss of their job and the domino effect that can have on one’s life, certainly initially. Perhaps with time that changes and the realisation that the loss of a particular job has done this person, and anyone else in this position, a favour by opening up personal thinking and questioning around:

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