About Us

Nurturing people, nurturing business, unlocking potential

Green Key Personal Development is dedicated to creating sustainable growth, development and wellbeing through effective leadership of individuals and teams. Our mission is to “unlock” potential to inspire individuals and teams to achieve and exceed goals and challenges through a foundation of wellbeing, trust, support and enthusiasm.

The name "Green Key" was chosen to reflect symbolically what we do, and the colour green to symbolise balance, growth, development and wellbeing.

Nurturing people, nurturing business, unlocking potential

Our Founder

Rachel Shackleton

With first-hand experience of managing and leading teams through my career in the hotel industry and later my own company, I relate to business goals and the need to drive productivity, sustainability and profitability both on an individual basis and in the company as a whole.

From learning the hard way, I know that wellbeing is an essential foundation to self- leadership and self-development, as it is to managing and leading others. You cannot grow and develop or inspire others if you are running on empty, overly stressed, and feeling life is out of control. Wellbeing is fundamental to high-energy performance and longevity in business.

Rachel Shackleton

Our partners

  • E-learning design house

    E-learning Design House

    Our business partner in creation of innovative, fun and interactive online learning solutions for companies that that are passionate about learning, but require learning flexibility due to the nature of the business, without compromising quality and results.

  • Heads-up Coaching

    Heads-up Coaching

    Our business partner in development of solutions for those who want to learn how to work more effectively, efficiently and productively in order to run successful businesses without compromising health, vitality and other things in life that are important.

  • MISE


    Mise members share the same values about health, wellbeing and vitality. Our co-creation has led to several courses to empower organisations to embrace wellbeing in the workplace.