About Us

Nurturing people, nurturing business, unlocking potential

Green Key employee performance specialists, are dedicated to creating sustainable growth, development and wellbeing through encouraging effective leadership in your company. Our mission is to “unlock” potential to inspire individuals and teams to achieve and exceed goals and challenges through a foundation of knowledge and skill, trust, support and wellbeing.

The name "Green Key" was chosen to reflect symbolically what we do, the colour green to symbolise balance, growth, development and wellbeing.

Nurturing people, nurturing business, unlocking potential

Our Founder

Rachel Shackleton

With first-hand experience of managing and leading teams through hands on experience in the hotel industry and later founding a company, Rachel relates to business goals and the need to drive productivity, sustainability and profitability both on an individual basis and the company as a whole.

From learning the hard way, Rachel knows that wellbeing is the foundation to essential self- leadership and self-development, as it is to effectively managing and leading others. Rachel believes that "you cannot grow and develop or inspire others if you are running on empty, overly stressed, and feeling life is out of control". Wellbeing is fundamental to high-energy performance and longevity in business.

Rachel Shackleton

Our partners

  • E-learning design house

    E-learning Design House

    Our business partner and co-creator of innovative, fun and interactive online learning solutions for companies that are passionate about learning, but due to the nature of the business, require learning flexibility, without compromising quality and results.

  • Symbolon


    Symbolon method, an artful and effective approach leads directly into self-reflection. Individuals and management teams enter into a multi-dimensional view of their complex and demanding world. The Symbolon Method supported by in-depth coaching creates a new and unique level of experience for differentiated and authentic leadership and management development.

  • People Partner

    People Partner

    We all know that HR can be a bit of a minefield, and that it can be difficult to know where to start. Many functions that are the responsibility of HR can be delegated to line managers. People Partner develop the HR-related courses for the digital online library that can help in developing line management to support the HR function within your organisation.