Green Key is a trusted learning and development provider. Corporate clients from around the world value our capacity to deliver highly effective course content that improves and increases performance.

We infuse a holistic approach to learning and development solutions that inspires growth and development of potential in individuals and teams, making us the first choice if you want to invest in all round employee performance.

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We help your workforce build their core competencies

  • Trainer-Led Solutions

    Leadership, Communication, Customer Excellence and Workplace Wellbeing solutions to develop performance of your personnel to meet the demands of the business, the clients and customers.

    trainer-led solutions

  • Unlimited Online Course Subscriptions

    Off-the-Shelf solutions with online access any time, anywhere. Empower individuals and teams to develop their personal wellbeing, leadership, and communication skills. Get started with a 7-day free trial.


  • Corporate Masterclasses

    Accelerate your teams' learning through a combination of real time coaching and interactive self-paced digital content. See our popular masterclass bundles or create your own.



“Rachel is able to energize, engage and help people to walk through enjoyable adventure of self-awareness and motivates them for further self-development. Every training gives something to take with you - hints or insights that could be used day-to-day, helping to handle tough situations either at work or at home, getting things smoother and finally, making your life better. ”

Yevgeny Yavitz, Sun Microsystems

“The training should be extended to every management team in all organisations.”

Chidi Ilekendi, Dominoes

“I would jump at any opportunity to attend your training. You have been great, inspiring, constructive and positive in your approach toward questions asked and the behviours of participants.”

Christopher Adebayo, Eat 'N Go

“As a software engineer at Motorola, and later as a Software Manager at Sun Microsystems/Oracle I've been working with many trainers since 2000, and Rachel is the best trainer I ever saw in my life. I've been sending my team many times to her traininings, as well as attending myself, and every training resulted in boosted motivation for everybody.”

Yevgeny Yavitz, Motorola

“ Having an external person facilitate this type of training session meant that the interaction was very open and honest and that it was easy to share opinions.”

Dave Alvarez, Ministry of Innovation

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Founder and CEO Rachel Shackleton, a performance specialist in learning and development solutions for the corporate environment has over 35 years of experience. In this time she has developed a valuable and cost-effective range of live, bespoke and digital courses to provide learning and development solutions that support improved business performance. This improved performance is achieved through a potent combination of personal wellbeing, and an inspirational and nurturing approach to learning to ensure sustainable employee productivity and performance.

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