If you are looking for a trusted wellbeing, learning and development provider then you are in the right place. Corporate clients from all around the world value our capacity to deliver highly effective course content to all employees irrespective of their location or working hours.

We infuse a strong element of employee wellbeing throughout all learning and development solutions making us the first choice if you want to invest in your employee physical and mental wellbeing and overall performance.

Equally important, we support individuals to develop their skills and managerial effectiveness via a range of one-to-one digital courses, designed specially to address self-identified areas requiring improvement, maintain CPD points, while also supporting career development objectives.


What we do

We help your workforce build their core competencies

  • Custom-Built Learning Solutions

    Leadership, Communication and Customer Excellence courses to develop your personnel to meet the demands of the business, the clients and customers.

    Custom built solutions

  • Unlimited Online Course Subscriptions

    Off-the-Shelf solutions that can be accessed online any time, anywhere.


  • Corporate Masterclass

    Accelerate your teams learning through a combination of real time coaching and interactive self-paced content.


How to get started

We have created a range of learning solutions to suit any business size or budget. Course delivery ranges between fully bespoke and delivered in-person to 100% unlimited, all online, learn at your own pace or packages incorporating elements of both.

Based on your team size choose the subscription plan that's right for you and get unlimited access to our library of digital learning courses



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A free trial to an empowering course

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    £10.00Embracing Difficult Conversations

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  • Custom built solutions

    Custom built solutions

  • e-Learning library

    digital learning library

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  • How are Green Key courses different from Linkedin learning?

    Green Key courses focus on competency based learning. All courses begin with self assessment in the chosen skill and end with the same. This gives the learner an opportunity to think about their current skill level, identify areas for development and then apply the course content to these areas. Returning at the end to the self-assessment provides a benchmark of how effectively the participant is applying techniques and skills while highlighting areas of strength and areas for continued development.

  • How is Green Key digital learning different to hiring an in house specialist?

    For an in-house L&D team to achieve the volume and quality of content that Green Key is able to provide through our subscription model, it would require 4 in-house specialists to match our capabilities and this would cost your organization in onboarding time plus approximately £120,000 to £180,000 in annual salary costs. Subscriptions work out better, faster and easier. An in house specialist will unlikely to be able to deliver all learning and development needs either due to personal skill level or available time. Green Key digital learning is available 24/7, 365 days per year and provides a wide range of learning and development opportunities to support a wide variety of roles and development needs in any organization.

  • Do you customize courses to my brand?

    Green Key is able to customize courses to your brand.

  • Why are your courses based on core competencies?

    Core competencies are the basic framework for building skills through learning and development in any team. Competencies provide a common framework on which to base individual performance and a system for overall performance management . Companies can use the Green Key competency framework as an out-of-the-box solution or curate from a group of our courses to align with your own existing competency frameworks.

  • How do your courses help with performance and growth?

    When learning solutions are engaging and interactive, they inspire learning and ultimately, drive performance and growth. Courses are included as part of a broader learner journey. Management and leadership also play a role in this journey. Together, they encourage learning and development while striving to achieve a motivated, inspired workforce.

  • How do your courses help supervisors develop their teams?

    Supervisors and managers have their own responsibilities as well as their main responsibility of getting the job done through effective management of individuals and teams. Green Key courses can be used by managers and supervisors to conduct short 10-20 minute training sessions using the content of a lesson to improve specific areas of skill and performance. Because the content is already structured, managers do not have to spend time preparing their own content, they can simply open the lesson and introduce the subject for each session.

  • How do your courses help lead highly performing teams

    Highly performing teams do not just appear, it takes time, effort and consistency in assessing individual competencies and skills, areas for improvement, performance overall and what is being done well and what needs to improve. Green Key courses include an extensive range of skills and learning to aid with continuous improvement that leads to and maintains highly performing teams.

  • How often do you have new courses?

    Green Key team is constantly developing new courses to meet the needs of our customers. We are always happy to receive your requests for course content. On average we are adding two new courses per month, as well as reviewing existing content to make any necessary changes and improvements.

  • Can I host your courses on my LMS?

    We believe in bringing learning outside of the LMS so it is accessible anywhere, anytime. At the moment we do not integrate with corporate LMS’s but are exploring integrating this feature. Where reporting is needed, learners receive certificates that they can share with their managers on completion of each course. We can also create a specific bundle on our LMS for all your users to access, providing you the necessary reporting information on users etc.

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Founder and CEO Rachel Shackleton, a specialist in wellbeing in the corporate environment has over 35 years of experience. In this time she has developed a valuable and cost-effective range of live, bespoke and digital courses to provide learning and development solutions that support improved business performance. This improved performance is achieved by a potent combination of increased staff retention, thus decreasing recruitment costs as well as ensuring sustainable productivity benefits.

Equally importantly, we support individuals to develop their skills, leadership and managerial effectiveness via a range of one-to-one courses, designed specially to address self-identified areas requiring improvement and to support career development objectives.


“Rachel is able to energize, engage and help people to walk through enjoyable adventure of self-awareness and motivates them for further self-development. Every training gives something to take with you - hints or insights that could be used day-to-day, helping to handle tough situations either at work or at home, getting things smoother and finally, making your life better. ”

Yevgeny Yavitz, Sun Microsystems

“The training should be extended to every management team in all organisations.”

Chidi Ilekendi, Dominoes

“I would jump at any opportunity to attend your training. You have been great, inspiring, constructive and positive in your approach toward questions asked and the behviours of participants.”

Christopher Adebayo, Eat 'N Go

“As a software engineer at Motorola, and later as a Software Manager at Sun Microsystems/Oracle I've been working with many trainers since 2000, and Rachel is the best trainer I ever saw in my life. I've been sending my team many times to her traininings, as well as attending myself, and every training resulted in boosted motivation for everybody.”

Yevgeny Yavitz, Motorola

“ Having an external person facilitate this type of training session meant that the interaction was very open and honest and that it was easy to share opinions.”

Dave Alvarez, Ministry of Innovation