Course:  Team Effectiveness – High Performing Teams

Audience: Company team

Group size: 8 participants

Duration: 2 days (in person)


The client is an SME company with up to £5 million turnover with eight team members including the founder and CEO. The company’s business is digital marketing and outsourced sales for lead generation for B2B and B2C companies. Originally Green Key was contacted prior to the pandemic to help address teamwork through training, the project was postponed until the end of the pandemic and at that point thirty percent of the team had changed, as had some of the goals for the training.

Brief from the client:

Team members - most are skilled within their sphere of work, however the effectiveness of how they work together was limited. Main goals according to client brief:

  • To increase teamwork to coordinate business processes effectively to provide a complete service to all customers irrelevant of contract size. 
  • To improve communication effectiveness within the team through sharing knowledge.
  • To qualify customer needs and project goals prior to commencement of the contract. 


In addition, the client was planning growth through acquisition of a company with complementary services to increase the product and service range that is offered to existing clients as well as to attract new customers in the sphere of outsourced sales.

Planned Outcomes

As a result of the workshop to be able to:

  • Communicate effectively within the team
  • Use question technique in a discussion to gain information to progress the conversation appropriately
  • Agree on a set of guidelines for working effectively as a team
  • Increase morale and build team spirit

Workshop Key Points

The interactive team workshop was conducted over two days with full participation from all individuals. The main outcomes were:

  • An action plan that all participants had agreed that when implemented would improve communication within the team, build customer relations and increase the volume of customers by giving greater authority to each person for making decisions within their own projects.
  • Agreed steps for implementation over the coming 6-12 months for business improvement including systems, meeting structure and marketing and sales activities.


To maximise on effectiveness of the training, the following steps were recommended:

  • Meet with each person to discuss what they learned from the training and how they intend to apply it.
  • Review company goals and gain alignment from all involved.
  • Review the current client avatar to ensure that the right clients are being targeted.
  • Continue development of individuals in both technical and people skills through regular training both internally and with external professionals.
  • Alignment and development of current leadership skills within the team in line with the updated and new goals and targeted business growth.
  • Consider a team bonus scheme to encourage team performance and achievement of goals.


“Rachel was patient and provided an atmosphere which encouraged open learning and a comfortable environment”.

Follow Up

After approximately 4 months a follow up was conducted to assess what has been achieved. The client expressed satisfaction with the progress commenting on several of his team members and how they had changed due to the training. He also mentioned that some team members were not progressing as he had hoped and points were discussed on how he might address this.

The client avatar had been updated in accordance with internal discussions and the results from the adjustment was more clarity and discernment in qualifying key characteristics before losing time with a potential client who is either not ready or simply is not potential as a future client.

Overall team effectiveness has improved with team members being more goal oriented and focused and through the improvement of internal communication, information seldom slips through the net. The client commented that there is a stronger sense of togetherness despite having moved to hybrid working. 

Further Comments

To continue momentum and drive, a further workshop would be beneficial in approximately 4-6 months. The main points to be addressed:

  • What have we achieved? 
  • Where are there bottlenecks?
  • Where to from here in further developing and improving team performance? 

“I’m very impressed with the programme and with the ability to deliver a high performing team through this training.”