The client is an SME company with up to £5 million turnover with eight team members including the founder and CEO. The company’s business is digital marketing and outsourced sales for lead generation for B2B and B2C companies. Originally Green Key was contacted prior to the pandemic to help address teamwork through training, the project was postponed until the end of the pandemic and at that point thirty percent of the team had changed, as had some of the goals for the training.

Working in a Virtual Support Centre

Just before Christmas I conducted several remote courses on Customer Excellence and Working in a Cross Cultural Environment with approximately 8-12 participants in each group. This case is about my own challenges working remotely through a digital platform, as well providing feedback of the experience from some of the participants that I hope is useful to anyone who is embarking on the same challenge and is looking for some guidance.

I'm Severing Relationships With You!

This case revolves around the process for making a remote team member redundant. In this case, Green Key was not part of the process, just the observer, however the way that this person was made redundant, made me sit up and listen and to feel with empathy at the reaction to the loss of their job and the domino effect that can have on one’s life, certainly initially. Perhaps with time that changes and the realisation that the loss of a particular job has done this person, and anyone else in this position, a favour by opening up personal thinking and questioning around:

Working Remotely

This case study is about an American owned, global organisation providing IT services to clients primarily in English speaking countries. I have been working with this client for over 15 years with several groups who front the customer and provide support for IT services on a 24/7 basis. I have also worked with, for an equal period of time the management team responsible for the customer facing teams. Each of the managers has grown up through the system and been promoted from within, therefore had little or no management and leadership experience when joining the team. The department head has also worked her way up the organisation to leading a team of 10 managers in the customer support role.
Case Study: Working Remotely

Changing Direction - Getting "Buy In" To Leave The Comfort Zone

The client is a large multinational organisation in the FMCG market, employing approximately 40,000 employees globally, the organisation has several production facilities across the globe. Support services are located in different hubs in several countries to ensure 24/7 support. Our relations with the IT security team in the UK has been for several years already. Their main function is service of internal customers through processing of requests and incidents that generally come through email or the internal communication portal, always with the main goal of protecting IT integrity for all internal customers and for the company as a whole.

Customer Relationships

This case is broken into two parts a case about a company that I recently began co-operation with and a company that I have been co-operating with for several years already. Perhaps the clue lies in that sentence? In both cases I am the client.
Case Study: Customer Relationships

Are You Causing your Employees to be Sick?

Mr L works for a large international organisation based in central London. His position within the company reports into director level and he frequently has direct access to the President of the company. The responsibility within his job role is huge financially as it is at his discretion to stop contracts going ahead if risk appears too great, the project will not achieve required profitability or parameters are unclear for some reason. His position is highly pressurized. In many situations he is torn between the “devil and the deep blue sea” between interested parties and the decisions that have to be made.

Does Culture Matter? Navigating Cultural Differences

The client is an international organisation with the main hub in Russia. IT engineers, programmers and IT architects support different client projects on installation of back office software. The nominated project team supports the client through a full project plan, regular updates on the progress, close working relations with the local IT team and on site training as and when it is required during the project life. A typical project lasts from 2-3 years depending on the size and location of the client’s business.
Does Culture Matter? Navigating Cultural Differences

Improving call centre effectiveness

Background: The client, a large multinational FMCG business, offers 24-hour IT support through a service portal that is accessible to its employees. The support service addresses all IT issues that occur during the working day via three hubs located across three time zones. The staff deals with a range of hardware and software technical issues as well as system specific questions relating to SAP, the company’s chosen ERP system. I was contracted to the main hub where there are approximately 40 support staff and 10 managers all reporting to its director.