Masterclass bundles

All Green Key Masterclass Bundles include three digital soft-skills courses combined with interactive 2-hour masterclasses with Rachel Shackleton, founder and General Director of Green Key Personal Development.

  • Targeted

    Interactive content that develops core competencies

  • Immersive

    Fully immersive learning experience with downloadable materials

  • Coaching

    Coach-led masterclass to cement learning in each course

Masterclasses that drive results and change

Within 12 weeks after approximately 8 hours of learning your personnel will be confident in themselves, have a skilled and professional manner that builds sustainability and loyalty to achieve the competitive edge that any business needs.

Participants will be rewarded with a certificate on successful completion of each course.

Learning structure of all masterclass bundles based on "Customer Focused Communication" example:

  • Weeks 1 - 2 Speaking to be Understood

  • Week 3 Interactive masterclass 2 hours

  • Weeks 5-6 Are you Listening

  • Week 7 Interactive masterclass 2 hours

  • Weeks 8-9 Embracing Difficult Conversations

  • Week 10 Interactive masterclass 2 hours

  • Week 11 Revision all courses (participants)

  • End week 11 access closed

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The customer focused communication learning bundle is targeted at all customer contact employees and includes a masterclass after each course within the bundle to cement skills learning and provide an opportunity for participant questions related to each course. Participants receive a certificate on successful completion of each course. Customer focused communication main objectives:

  • To communicate effectively with all customers in a positive, assertive manner that builds customer loyalty.

  • To be proactive in communicating with customers.

  • To be comfortable and confident in communicating with customers in all situations.


The bundle Managing Successfully is targeted at junior and middle level managers. Between the courses there is a 2-hour masterclass, 3 masterclasses in total and a total of 11 weeks to complete this learning bundle – “Managing Successfully”. Main objectives:

  • To delegate successfully to improve performance and overall productivity.

  • To set clear, SMART and performance-related goals with individuals and teams in order to drive goal achievement.

  • To be able to give constructive feedback to employees.


To understand how to maximise mental and physical vitality and wellbeing in order to embrace life and perform at full capacity. Main objectives:

  • To maximise mental and physical energy in order to embrace all aspects of life.

  • To feel self-empowered and confident in yourself in order ot perform effectively.

  • Stress in Your Stride - To build resilience through managing life's curve balls effectively.


Make up your own bundle by choosing any three courses for your team and your business. 

Masterclasses will automatically be added as a part of your masterclass bundle. All participants will receive certificates at the end of each course.

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